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 Our Mission

Provide as many masks possible as possible for those on the front lines, while also providing jobs for garment workers during a time of economic crisis.


About this Project

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I founded this project in April of 2020 to do my part in solving a problem I saw emerge during the COVID19 humanitarian and economic crisis. As an executive in the global live event industry, I found my industry decimated early on during the crisis, and myself with time and energy on my hands, and a desire to do something about the crisis that is affecting our world.

Drawing on my relationships and experience in merchandise manufacturing, business operations, & logistics, I began the production of face masks to help alleviate the protective equipment shortage that has come with this pandemic. I have been inspired by the incredible acts of service, industriousness, and generosity of individuals and organizations alike during the COVID19 crisis, but am frustrated by the fact that those who make our world a better place cannot produce or obtain quality masks to wear.

I want to remove the barrier for those who are willing and able to help. One more mask means one more volunteer at the shelter, or one more nurse that can feel protected. These people are essential to the populations that they serve, and we need to protect them.

With your support, we are donating masks to first responders, and at-risk individuals in our communities. Our donations have already gone to fire departments, hospitals, homeless shelters and support organizations, elderly members of our community and essential workers.

We are responding to a crisis, so I have not formed a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity yet, but our mission is solely to deliver masks to those who need them and keep garment workers busy.

Thank you for your support!

Jennifer Lai

"the human capacity to overcome challenges together is limitless."
--Tsai Ing-Wen, President of Taiwan